Rise and Fall

Shortlisted for the Nordic Council Literature Prize

Shortlisted for Læsernes Bogpris (The Readers’ Award)

On the official Danish list of bestsellers

Rise and Fall is the evocation of a childhood on the island of Mols in the 1980s. It is a lyrical journey through the exterior and interior landscapes of nature and the soul. It is a portrait of a family, of a hometown, and of an encounter with language.

The places and language of childhood—all the things that shape a human being.


Praise for Rise and Fall:


“If this is what literature can be like, it must mean something” – Tomas Espedal, award winning author

“An evocation of childhood as engaging and precisely observed as any” – Carsten Jensen, author of We, the Drowned

“Josefine Klougarts excellent novel Rise and Fall was one of the true gifts of the publishing season.”


“It has been a long time since you’ve read a book by such a young writer, in which nature plays a leading part and is poetically intertwined with the description of a child’s consciousness…Rise and Fall is an exceptionally beautiful and confident debut.” —Politiken


“With this book she demonstrates a shining talent for expressing precise sensations and thoughtful/clever/well considered reflections in and through the language” – Kristeligt dagblad


“A convincingly impressive debut novel from a great pose talent” – Erik Skyum Nielsen, Information 


“Det var en bok som nesten reddet livet mitt på et tidspunkt, jeg var så jævlig deppa, hadde kjærlighetssorg og greier. Så skriver hun en ufattelig vakker bok om sin familie, om hesten, hunden, søsteren, om ting: om melkespann og kjøkkenredskap. Det var en enorm kjærlighet i det. Bare det å lese den boken fikk meg faktisk på beina. Hvis litteraturen kan være på denne måten, så betyr det noe. Hvis min litteratur noen ganger kan være sånn, så har jeg oppnådd noe. “ Award winning Norwegian writer, Tomas Espedal