01.02.2017 Review of New Forest, Dagsavisen, Norway, read here

28.01.2017 New Forest sold to Bonniers, Sweeden

12.01.2017 Double interview with Lilian Munk Rösing and Nicklas Freisleben Lund on New Forest, Radio24syv, listen here

10.01.2017 Tilted Axis Press have named Josefine Klougart’s ‘Of Darkness’, translated by Martin Aitken, among their best picks for 2017

05.01.2017 One of us is sleeping, sold to Italy

22.12.2016 Of Darkness sold to Turkey

10.12.2016 One of is sleeping, reviewed in World Litrature Today, read here

09.12.2016 One of us is sleeping, awarded “Best Indie book of the year” in Turkey, read more here

08.12.2016 One of us is sleeping, reviewed in Three percent by Geremy Garber, read the review here

08.12.2016 One of us is sleeping, reviewed in Turkey, read the review here

05.12.2016 Review of New Forest in Kristligt Dagblad, read extract here

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24.11.2016 Interview in Politiken, read extracts here

24.11.2016 New Forest is reviewed in Kristligt Dagblad, read extract here

24.11.2016 New Forest reviewed and gets 5 hearts in Politiken, read extract here

24.11.2016 Reviews of New Forest, read extraxts here

24.11.2016 Josefine Klougart’s new novel New Forest is released i Denmark and Norway Preorder it here

19.11.2016 Josefine Klougart, interview in Weekend Avisen, read extract here

01.11.2016 One of us is sleeping, reviewed in World Literature Today. Read the whole text here

“The nameless narrator paints her grief into a poetic portrait. And therein lies Klougart’s genius. She renders the emotional landscape in impressionistic soft focus. (…) One of Us Is Sleeping is brilliant. Excellently translated by Martin Aitken”

16.11.2016 Josefine Klougart, interview in Danish newspaper Kristligt Dagblad, read the interview here

15.11.2016 Release of art project “Oppvåkning”. More info/by the book here

26.10.2016 Josefine Klougart in conversation with Suzanne Brøgger. Dansk Forlatterforening 19.00.

06.10.2016 Josefine Klougart gives lecture at Berkeley University

21.06.2016 Josefine Klougart publishes essay about Europe in Der Standard, Wien. Read here

01.06.2016 US: Great review of One of us is sleeping in Publishers Weekly, read here

25.05.2016 One of us is sleeping sold to Italy

15.12.2015 Josefine Klougart starting collaboration with Olafur Eliasson, on the project Your Glacial Expectations

10.12.2015 Josefine Klougart accepted in Southern Indiana Review, USA

10.12.2015 Josefine Klougart in Brooklyn Rail, read here

05.11.2015 Josefine Klougart reading at New York Festival: New Litrature from Europe, read more here

09.11.2015 On Darkness out in Sweden. Stunning reviews.

08.10.2015 Josefine Klougart on national Tv, interview on Texas Longhorn

07.10.2015 Josefine Klougart published in literary magazin Texas Longhorn

27.09.2015 Josefine Klougart, former award winner, interview on national TV, red carpet on the The Crown Prince Couple’s Awards 2015

01.07.2015 Josefine Klougart accepted in The Massachusetts Review, USA

05.05.2015 Josefine Klougart is translating Mishima’s Madame de Sade for Theater Betty Nansen in Denmark

01.05.2015 Poetic intoduction to Krappesholm’s photobook YOUTH

12.05.2015 Josefine Klougarts writes texts to the book Light and Darkness on the pictures of Danish artist Arne Haugen Sørensen

28.04.2015 Essay in Dutch Magazin DAS MAGAZIN

20.04.2015 Interview in SAS magazin

15.04.2015 Interview on Oslo house of Literature

01.02.2015 Essay on Sleep in Danish newspaper Politiken

31.01.2015 Published in US literary magazin Asymptote

05.01.2015 Essay on sorrow in Danish newspaper Jyllandsposten

26.01.2015 World English Rights for Klougart’s ON DARKNESS
Leonhardt & Hoyer writs:
“We are delighted to share that Will Evans from Deep Vellum Publishing in the US, recently acquired world English rights to Danish Josefine Klougart’s novel ON DARKNESS (OM MØRKE), only a few months after the world English rights for ONE OF US IS SLEEPING (EN AF OS SOVER) sold to Open Letter Books. We couldn’t resist sharing a recent email to us from Evans, where he writes, “I won’t lie to you when I say I’ve been searching for an author like Josefine Klougart since I started Deep Vellum. I would be so honored and ecstatic to publish this book together, and I will also not lie to you when I envision the heights to which On Darkness could climb when it is made Deep Vellum’s featured title with a long-term plan to bring the books into the hands of readers, reviewers, and prize juries alike.”

14.12.2014 ONE OF US IS SLEEPING (EN AF OS SOVER) sold to Open Letter Books. Release summer 2016

09.12.14 Great review of Rise and fall in Norway: “It is so beautifully written, from time to time vertiginous” HERE

01.12.14 One of us is sleeping one of the years best books in Sweeden HERE

25.11.14 Josefine Klougart in the Norwegian talkshow Brenner og Bøkerne HERE

29.09.14 Rise and fall is published in Norway in Trude Marsteins translation. SEE THE COVER HERE

27.09.14: Interview in the Swedish newspaper Borös Tidningen HERE

25.09.14 Josefine Klougart featured at Göteborg International Bookfair 2014. READ HERE

01.08.14 Josefine Klougart columist at the Norwegian literary magazin Bokvennen. READ MORE HERE

18.06.14: Radio interview with Danish radio P1 HERE

12.06.14: Interview in Norwegian paper Dagsavisen HERE

21.05.14: Interview in Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet HERE

20.05.14: Josefine Klougart is attending Norsk Litteraturfestival in Lillehammer (Norway) from the 20th-24th of May. See her calendar HERE

2014: Josefine Klougart’s 10 favorite photos in Danish newspaper Politiken HERE

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2014: On Darkness will be part of the exhibition Best Book Work of the Year. Read the English press release HERE

2014: Danish magazine Femina recommends On Darkness as one of 7 powerful books to read this summer. See why HERE

2014: The special edition of On Darkness can now be purchased HERE

2014: Interview on One of us is Sleeping on Swedish tv. Watch it online HERE